Sunday, August 5, 2012

I'm Back.... Maybe!

       Well, long time no see! For the 3 humans who read this blog, I'm sorry its been over 2 MONTHS since my last post. My explanation... Blake and I steal internet from the office at our apartment complex and well, I guess the storm that came through a while back that made "our" internet not connect anymore was just God's way of saying, "Blake and Beth, have you ever heard of the Ten Commandments?". So now on my lonely Sunday afternoon while Blake plays disc golf I will sit peacefully at Starbucks (still not paying for internet) sipping my caramel frappe and tell you guys a little about life the last two months!
       Golly, since May?? Um... let's see. Oh! I can begin with Blake taking a new job! I couldn't have been more proud and happy for my hubby. As most of you know Blake was working at Jason's Deli. Having a degree in nutrition, he felt it was appropriate to have a job in food service. His hours there were a little crazy at times and we missed having down time together. He is now a leasing manager at The Bluffs apartment complex here in Ttown and is loving it so far! He has been extremely busy here lately since it is moving season for all the students at UA, but otherwise we love the time he has off!
       During some of that time off, we had an awesome 4th of July at his aunt and uncle's place on beautiful Smith Lake. It turned out to be a great day for sure, we ate too much, talked too much, and I even got a little sunburn. The weekend after the 4th we made a trip up to D.C..... Yep, we went all the way to D.C. and back in one weekend. It was a long but enjoyable road trip for myself, Blake and Kayla. You all probably know by now that Kayla is now a hip new resident in Washington D.C. and Blake and I were the lucky ones who got to move her up there. What's new, right? =) But we were able to get some good tourist pics out of it!
       On to Blake's family vacation that I went on and he didn't. Really. Blake's family had the beach trip planned for a few months and we were all so excited about it. But with Blake beginning a new job and the vacation falling right in their busy season he wasn't able to go. I, however, thoroughly enjoyed the trip with the Cagle's. Of course I ate way too much fried shrimp and key lime pie, but isn't that what vacation is for?
       Overall it's been a pretty great summer and fall and football season are right around the corner. Roll Tide! I'll try and do better and not wait 2 months until the next time I post. To be continued...

Monday, May 28, 2012

Sand, Sun & Water... Pretty Please!

       Hi friends! Haven't been on for a while now. Life's been pretty crazy the last couple weeks and it seems every day I have off I find somewhere to go or some one to see. Here lately Blake and I have spent a lot of our extra time attending graduation ceremonies. My baby brother Ben just graduated Winston County High School on Friday and I couldn't be prouder! He received a scholarship to attend Northwest Shoals Community College which is where Blake went for his first two years of his college career, so he has had some great advice to share with Ben. Also my older cousin Lisa Bailey (now Lisa Bailey M.D.) graduated from UAB last Sunday and my entire family is so proud to have a doctor within us now! So wherever you are graduating, congratulations Class of 2012!
Ready for this guy to
be me!!!
       You wanna know the best thing about graduation time? That just means it's now..... SUMMERTIME!! Blake and I have a few summer adventures planned including a 4th of July lake day, a beach trip at the end of July and lots of bike riding, and picnickin', and whatever else we can get into! I'll try to keep you all updated on our extravaganzas! Until next time....


Friday, May 4, 2012

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Thought these were too funny not to share!!! =)

Don't Sweat It

       Every once in a while life gets the best of me and I have to remind myself to slow down and take it all in. To stop going so fast and actually breathe. Myself along with a few of my friends have recently started working out together every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at 6:30 a.m. At first I was a little skeptical whether or not we would be able to stick with it, but we are about 5 weeks in and feeling great. Our hour and a half workout has come to be a time for me to think. I often get myself in trouble by agreeing to help out in too many places at the same time, and honestly, I think being a hairstylist and always in a hurry (appointment after appointment) makes it worse. I am a people pleaser and constantly try to make the impossible, possible. So having some time to reflect on my thoughts has turned out to be such a blessing. It gives me a chance, although I'm running and sweating to death, to focus on what the day might have in store for me. Blake has been extremely supportive and encourages me everyday (whoa, whoa... don't get the wrong idea. He stays in bed when I leave and is still there when I get back). With these couple of hours a week I have to meditate on what's going on in my life, I am really beginning to see what marriage means and what it stands for. You learn to understand and respect each others needs. Whether it be time to gather your thoughts and feelings, to being comfortable in sharing those thoughts and feelings. This month Blake and I have together for 6 years, and we still learn something new about each other everyday. We are growing and moving forward together and no matter what life throws at us, we are both just going to slow down and remember to breathe!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Love is in the Air

Blake and Eric on our
wedding day!
 Don't drink the water!!! I am beginning to think that there is some kind of bacteria in the water in the Tuscaloosa area... but I'm glad there is! Babies and weddings and buying houses...there and so many special events going on all around me and my friends. No need to worry, I haven't been drinking much water lately. A very close friend, who I absolutely adore, is to be blessed with a second little one and I couldn't be more excited about this new addition. A couple new friends have just purchased a new home and I will be helping to host a housewarming party this Sunday. Also.... drumroll please.... Lauren and Eric are getting married!!!! Friday was a day to remember for this sweet couple. I was so giddy the day of the proposal, just waiting for it to happen. Blake and I are so happy for our friends and can't wait to join them in this journey! And I would just like to pat myself on the back for keeping the proposal a secret for TWO WEEKS! Literally... they are going to be the two Weeks. =)
Lauren helping with the blindfold!
The future Mr. and Mrs. Weeks haven't set a date yet but Blake and I have been informed we will be a part of their wedding party and we are honored to stand behind such great friends on such a special day! I can't wait for all the girlie festivities that go along with a wedding. Engagement parties, bridal showers and bachelorette party... all over again! Stay tuned as this becomes a special time not only for our friends, but for Blake and I to join in and be a part of something so amazing and special!

p.s. the internet is being stupid and won't let me upload any more pictures...  more soon.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Peeta or Gale? That is the Question...

       I know every one has heard of it, and may even be tired of hearing of it, but I am obsessed with The Hunger Games!!! A few months before the wedding I began reading the first book of The Hunger Games trilogy. Every time I sat down to read I had a million and one things running through my head. I need to be writing thank you cards, I should be tying ribbons, I could never focus on what I was reading. Therefore, I just dropped it altogether. Sometime after I put it down, Blake picked it up. He ended up reading all three books and thoroughly enjoyed them. So just recently I started over. With the hype of the movie coming out I just couldn't be the only human on Earth who hasn't read the books, (since literally, every human has read them, right?) So here I go... I read the first one in no time. As soon as it was over, I was dying to get my hands on the second and now I am just beginning the third. These books are addicting. Suzanne Collins knew what she was doing. I find myself sitting in my car in the Ulta parking lot, until the very last second I have to go into work, reading. For those of you who know me, this is not the norm. Ok, I'll be honest with you.... This is the first time I have ever read a sequel or a trilogy or anything. I always start but never read the second book, let alone the third or fourth. I get bored too easily or, apparently, just don't care. But these books have sucked me in, as well as my coworkers. Today, actually, we started a very in depth conversation with a few clients who have also been reading the popular fiction stories, about the morals of this trilogy (since you actually find the books in the teenage section in bookstores). We bounced all over the place from, "is this what the world will eventually come to", to, "this is what is teaching our children to be deceiving and manipulative". Pretty intense stuff and something to get you thinking. Either way, I am hooked, along with many others. Definitely a great, easy read if you're looking for one! Also, the movie is absolutely worth seeing in theatre... so eat some popcorn for me!
Cast from "The Hunger Games"

Friday, March 23, 2012

What Can I Say?

I so want this tshirt!
       Life is good! Blake and I are really enjoying the married life. I haven't been happier than I am now. We remain super busy, but isn't that just how it is? There will always be something to do, somewhere to go and some one to see. And I guess that's how I like it. We have made a few changes as husband and wife. I hope to eventually be one of those old couples that can sit down with young fresh couples and say "well, we did this and it didn't turn out too good", and "I thought he'd file for divorce when I did this".  We are taking some advice in certain situations and learning on our own in others. So far so good. =) We talk with each other about hard times to come (because everyone knows they will come) but we are also so excited about the good that will shape our lives.
       I have had more than two or three people asking me about what roles the two of us play now that we are married. I laugh at this question everytime... I think it's funny that people are curious. And I know what they are actually asking, who cooks and cleans? =) Well, I am not too prideful to say that Blake is the cook. Cooking has never been my forte and probably never will be. And he is ok with that since I am the one who is OCD and dusts the baseboards once a week. The rest we just share the responsibility. So there, for those who were (and weren't) curious, you know now, I don't cook!
       To keep everyone up to date, Blake and I are well and enjoying the newness of our marriage. Continue to think of us if you pray! I believe there is a long, happy road ahead of us!