Monday, November 28, 2011


Jarvis was no help! =)
       I think it is quite obvious from the picture posted here that Blake and I have too much stuff. But I LOVE my new stuff! My "Double Springs" shower was just over a week ago and with all of our Thanksgiving festivities, we are just now getting settled in with all of our fabulous new appliances. And because of our shower and Thanksgiving trip to Pigeon Forge, I have lots to talk about! =)
       I'll begin with my bridal shower. It was AMAZING!! Blake and I are beyond blessed with everyone that was able to stop by bringing gifts and well wishes for our new lives we are beginning together. Some very generous ladies from church hosted and decorated the fellowship hall of First Baptist Church for my shower. It turned out beautifully. The second I walked through the door my jaw dropped to the floor at the work and effort these nice people put in for me. All this... for us!! We couldn't have asked for anything more special. It was so special I  actually wore heels....I never wear heels, but thought they would be appropriate for this occasion, so by the time we were loading the car, I was barefoot. Real cute. But all in all, it was a great day that I will remember forever. Once we made it home the work really began... uploading and putting away. We'll find a place for all of it....maybe.

       Now on to our family trip to Pigeon Forge (sorry, too busy to take pics). Restful, relaxing, wild and crazy! First, we began our trip at 11:00 pm Wednesday night. We finally reached our destination, after losing an hour (eastern time) around 5:00 am Thursday morning...blah. So that part of the trip wasn't so great, but sleeping late and waking up to nearly the entire Harris family was so worth it. We ate Cracker Barrel for Thanksgiving lunch (delicious), and spent the rest of the trip hanging out at the cabin. Blake and I decided we wanted to move there! Haha! When you get my dad and his three siblings in the same house, it's bound to be a good time! We played all kinds of games, told jokes and stories, laughed til we cried and woke up sore from it all. =) Blake got to meet old cousins and both of us got to meet our new little ones! But let's not forget the main attraction... the IRON BOWL!!! The cabin my aunt rented for all 18 of us came complete w/ a huge theatre downstairs... with surround sound! You talk about loud and proud, my family has some of the Crimson Tide's craziest fans. After the big win, we couldn't end such a fun trip on a better note. We loaded up our suitcases, said good byes for now, and hit the road.

Needless to say we had an awesome Thanksgiving Holiday! I can't believe it has already been here and gone. Only two months til the wedding! 60 days!!! As I've said in nearly every post so far, time is going by so fast, and I am loving every second! =)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Busy B's

     Shoes: black shoes, brown shoes, burgundy shoes.....really? I never knew shoes were a problem for guys. Or maybe they aren't, and it's just my guy ;). Picking out Blake's shoes for the wedding has been tougher than it was for me to pick out my wedding dress! Oh well, I love shopping for the wedding, and if going around to one hundred stores to pick out his perfect wedding shoe is how I get him to "wedding shop" with me, I'll take it!!!
     Ours lives are changing before our eyes, and just like everyone said it would, it is happening so fast! Blake and I went this morning to pick up his wedding band, and seeing him try on such a special ring made me realize how real this occasion is! Things are beginning to get very busy with planning a wedding, shopping for shoes =), and all that goes along with it. Time has flown by us so quickly since our engagement so I am bound and determined to enjoy the next couple months and really soak in what all is happening around and for us. We are so blessed and thankful for all the help we are receiving from friends and family, but a lot of the decision making, of course, is up to us...and we aren't very decisive people! I just keep telling myself, "it will all come together", just as is has already.

     In the last week or so, we have seen just how busy the next 77 days are going to be.  Coming up, not to mention working 5 days a week, I have my wedding dress alterations (guess this means I can't go back for thirds and fourths at Thanksgiving). Next, my "Double Springs Shower", as I'm calling it, will be held, obviously, in Double Springs by some very sweet  ladies from my hometown church. Then we have the Thanksgiving holiday.... and that's just November! I don't even want to talk about December yet.
     All in all our experience has been awesome so far, and I couldn't ask for anything more. I am so excited and grateful that I am some one lucky enough to marry my best friend!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I See Shades of Green.....

Rather than skies of blue! You know when people ask you what your favorite color is, and all you say is purple or blue? Well I now believe we must all specify exactly what shade we are talking about. I never in my life realized how many different shades of green there are in this world, or at least in Hancock Fabrics. After Blake and I got engaged and set our date, we started thinking venue, theme, colors.... colors. Colors have been the biggest pain in the butt considering the fact that I would choose the most difficult shade of green to match up to anything. "MY" green is considered an olive, some might call it fern, and others may call it hunter. I have officially decided to stop stressing over what to call this green, therefore, it is "MY" green! =) So today as i walked around the Hancock Fabrics here in Tuscaloosa, an employee asked me if I was looking for a particular style or color of ribbon, I simply told her "MY" shade of green. I left after purchasing the perfect ribbon for my centerpieces! =)