Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I See Shades of Green.....

Rather than skies of blue! You know when people ask you what your favorite color is, and all you say is purple or blue? Well I now believe we must all specify exactly what shade we are talking about. I never in my life realized how many different shades of green there are in this world, or at least in Hancock Fabrics. After Blake and I got engaged and set our date, we started thinking venue, theme, colors.... colors. Colors have been the biggest pain in the butt considering the fact that I would choose the most difficult shade of green to match up to anything. "MY" green is considered an olive, some might call it fern, and others may call it hunter. I have officially decided to stop stressing over what to call this green, therefore, it is "MY" green! =) So today as i walked around the Hancock Fabrics here in Tuscaloosa, an employee asked me if I was looking for a particular style or color of ribbon, I simply told her "MY" shade of green. I left after purchasing the perfect ribbon for my centerpieces! =)


  1. Its going to be sooo beautiful! I am so excited to see everything! :D

  2. haha! thanks! i hope so.... we're working hard to get it all together!!