Friday, December 30, 2011

sooo... close...

Haha! Cute Christmas sweaters...
       Well ladies and gentlemen, we are just four weeks out from the most important day in a gals life! Don't get me wrong, Blake is excited too, but come on.... =) Blake and I have been so busy with holiday festivities, birthdays and all this wedding planning. To catch you up to date, as far as the wedding goes, I don't want to say it too loud, but, I think we've about got it all together. The extra room in our apartment has officially become "wedding headquarters".  That is also the room where Blake's xbox and all his man stuff is, so he is more than ready for our wedding day to be here so he can have his "man cave" back. This room is filled with extra invitations and thank you cards, hundreds of candles, all the items needed for the reception centerpieces and much more. I recently got to pick up everything I ordered for the reception and just seeing it all laid out really helps me picture what the evening of January 28 is going to look like.... and I LOVE IT!!! All my dress fittings are complete, bridesmaids dresses are coming along great, all the groomsmen have been measured and have ordered their suits, so whether or not anything else goes as planned, we won't be naked!
I'll wear my new sandals touring
wherever it is we're going!
       This Christmas holiday was a much needed weekend in Double Springs to spend time with our families. We laughed, ate, watched movies, ate, opened gifts, ate.... well, you get it. On Christmas Eve we took a trip to Birmingham to visit the Anthonys' and exchange gifts. We always have a blast with them and there is always some good eatin'! Blake and I received an unusual gift from his aunt and  uncle. It has to do with our honeymoon destination which is still a surprise, so I am anxious to see where we are going and what this gift means. =) I am getting more and more excited to go on our honeymoon now that it is getting so close and since I have been able to purchase a few new outfits that I can only wear in warm, sunny weather. =)
Birthday surprise!
       Two days after Christmas, we celebrated my 22nd birthday. We had just arrived home from our weekend in Double Springs and with all the wedding stuff and Christmas get togethers, my birthday this year just wasn't a big deal. Little did I know that I would wake up to a sweet, thoughtful surprise reminding me why I am getting married! Blake had flowers and balloons, my favorite wine and birthday card addressed specifically to the "birthday girl". He took me to lunch and spent the afternoon with me. It was one of the best birthdays yet. Just me and him.
       Golly, this is a long blog.... sorry. Anyways, to sum it all up, wedding plans are going smoothly, Christmas was awesome, my birthday was spectacular and I can't wait to get married! 28 DAYS!!!

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