Tuesday, January 10, 2012

stressed out!

Everyone said it would happen.... and it did! This morning I woke up (after a late night with friends watching Alabama win their 14th national championship...) and had to go to another meeting about the wedding. The meeting was pretty much just a time for us to go over a few things and make sure everyone is on the same page and luckily, for the most part, we are. But.... I finally hit the point where I am so tired of planning and just ready for the day to finally be here. I came home afterwards and it being Tuesday, I'm off work, so I laid back down to try to take a nap. And it never fails... my phone goes nuts. It's like everybody and their brother needed me for something today only during the time I was sleeping... or trying to sleep. I made the decision today that from now on during nap time or bed time my phone will be turned off or put on silent. Whew! Just had to rant a little just then. =) Bottom line is that I have come to a point where all that matters to me is that Blake and I are standing together exchanging our vows on January 28.  All the centerpieces, flowers, chairs, music and all that other stuff will be an added bonus to our big day! Because whether or not we have all the pretty things, it will still be our big day!!

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