Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Life Being Married

       That's right! We're MARRIED!!! And have been now for almost a month, I just haven't made to time to sit and write about it. Our life is slowly getting back to normal after our return from our amazing honeymoon in the Dominican Republic, where we ate, drank and were married... merry. =) Our wedding was everything I hoped it would be. With family and friends, cake and dancing, it was all that and then some! I woke up that Saturday morning around 6:30 to my mom in the kitchen brewing my step dad's coffee. I rose from my bed and walked into the kitchen smelling coffee grounds with the biggest grin on my face, and my mom looked at me, smiled back and asked, "are you ready?". With the sun shining and a breeze blowing, I couldn't have been more excited or anxious and ready to get the show on the road! I have many memories of the wedding that I hope I never forget, but one I know I will remember forever,  after Blake and I ran through the sparklers to our car that had been scribbled all over, we jumped in and began to drive away and with the happiest smile I've ever seen on his face, he said, "that was a blast!" It really was more than we ever imagined! But now we are back to our normal lives with wedding rings on our fingers as we head back to work. Until next time!
"the Anthonys"

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