Friday, March 23, 2012

What Can I Say?

I so want this tshirt!
       Life is good! Blake and I are really enjoying the married life. I haven't been happier than I am now. We remain super busy, but isn't that just how it is? There will always be something to do, somewhere to go and some one to see. And I guess that's how I like it. We have made a few changes as husband and wife. I hope to eventually be one of those old couples that can sit down with young fresh couples and say "well, we did this and it didn't turn out too good", and "I thought he'd file for divorce when I did this".  We are taking some advice in certain situations and learning on our own in others. So far so good. =) We talk with each other about hard times to come (because everyone knows they will come) but we are also so excited about the good that will shape our lives.
       I have had more than two or three people asking me about what roles the two of us play now that we are married. I laugh at this question everytime... I think it's funny that people are curious. And I know what they are actually asking, who cooks and cleans? =) Well, I am not too prideful to say that Blake is the cook. Cooking has never been my forte and probably never will be. And he is ok with that since I am the one who is OCD and dusts the baseboards once a week. The rest we just share the responsibility. So there, for those who were (and weren't) curious, you know now, I don't cook!
       To keep everyone up to date, Blake and I are well and enjoying the newness of our marriage. Continue to think of us if you pray! I believe there is a long, happy road ahead of us!

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