Monday, May 28, 2012

Sand, Sun & Water... Pretty Please!

       Hi friends! Haven't been on for a while now. Life's been pretty crazy the last couple weeks and it seems every day I have off I find somewhere to go or some one to see. Here lately Blake and I have spent a lot of our extra time attending graduation ceremonies. My baby brother Ben just graduated Winston County High School on Friday and I couldn't be prouder! He received a scholarship to attend Northwest Shoals Community College which is where Blake went for his first two years of his college career, so he has had some great advice to share with Ben. Also my older cousin Lisa Bailey (now Lisa Bailey M.D.) graduated from UAB last Sunday and my entire family is so proud to have a doctor within us now! So wherever you are graduating, congratulations Class of 2012!
Ready for this guy to
be me!!!
       You wanna know the best thing about graduation time? That just means it's now..... SUMMERTIME!! Blake and I have a few summer adventures planned including a 4th of July lake day, a beach trip at the end of July and lots of bike riding, and picnickin', and whatever else we can get into! I'll try to keep you all updated on our extravaganzas! Until next time....


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